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3D BabyVision- 3D Ultrasound Reviews
Love Letters from our wonderful clients

You have come to the perfect place to see your baby! Check out the "LOVE LETTERS" from thousands of our Happy Customers! :)
  • WOW, Where do I start?! AMAZING!!! FANTASTIC SERVICE, courteous staff, and warm atmosphere. Words cannot express our gratitude, Thank you!.
    Gregg, Burlington
  • I was in for my gender 3d ultrasound today with my boyfriend. I was amazed and impressed we were with your location and your customer service. We talked about it all night! Thank you again, and we will definitely be back.
    Jennifer & Gary, Oakville
  • What an amazing opportunity to see our little angel. Emma was so kind and just as excited as we were. The location in Oakville was very easy to find. Thank you so much for welcoming the grandparents as well.
    Hayley, Burlington
  • Excellent experience truly eye opening! The technician explained what we were seeing in vivid detail and the 3d pictures and movements were amazing. Thanks!
    Zoey, Georgetown
  • After having an unpleasant experience at a different 3D Ultrasound location in Toronto , we thought we would try again so we decided to go with another company. As we entered , the staff member were so warm and welcoming and made us really comfortable. The technician named Emma, she was able to capture more 3d baby images and made the experience memorable and beautiful. Thank you to Emma and all of her staff member for the remarkable experience they have given us.
  • As a returning customer, this experience was as amazing as my first. Emma was fantastic!!! Thank you!
    Christina, Markham
  • Absolutely amazing experience, so glad we did our 3d ultrasound in Mississauga location, professionalism and courteous staff made the experience even more enjoyable.

    Thank you 3D Babyvision Mississauga!
    Elizabeth & Joe, Brampton
  • It was an amazing experience to see our new son before he arrives and to see a bit of his personality. The staff is very friendly and the technician tries really hard to make sure you get great pictures. I was happy with this whole experience.
    Jackelyn, Milton
  • Very pleasant experience! Friendly staff and great service. We will be back.

    Thank you for everything :)
    Fahreta, Mississauga
  • I'm so happy and it was a very good experience, couldn't ask for better at this stage. Thank you 3D BabyVision, I will not forget.
    Natasha, Etobicoke
  • It felt really homie, the staff were really courteous and friendly. I like the fact that it's private and we could have friends and family around. All and all it was a really enjoyable experience and would come back again.
    Tamara, Oakville
  • What a wonderful experience! It was a joy to see our son 2 years ago and to be able to share that experience with him today to see his sister ! I have told everyone about 3D BabyVision - it's the best 3d ultrasound clinic in Oakville!
    Sylvia & Jeff, Acton
  • I would like to thank you again for everything you have provided us and the warm welcome we received at your office. Our experience there was outstanding; I would definitely recommend you to everyone, both your personalities shined and made us feel at ease. Thank you again and I will definitely send you a picture of baby Amelia "Mia" and big brother Ammar when she is born.
    Stephany, Milton
  • On Saturday morning Antony and I were able to our little guy for the first time in 3D! We listened to his heartbeat, reconfirmed his gender (it's a sure thing - he is a boy and he made sure it was the first thing he showed us on the big screen). We watched him open and close his eyes and move his mouth. It was incredible. So far it appears he has my cheeks and mouth, with Antony's nose and legs. And they are LONG legs! He looks very healthy and chubby! His legs are up by his head (breach position), so you'll notice a lot of toes in the pictures.
    Monica & Thomas, Hamilton
  • Our experience was BEAUTIFUL! Emma was so patient, kind and very informative and Marilyn not only fit us in for an appointment immediately but made us all (Mom, Dad, Grandma & Big Brother) feel very at home. Thank you 3D BabyVision-SO much!!!
    Anette & Michael
  • Amazing staff, felt very welcome and comfortable. Would come back again & would definitely recommend 3D BabyVision to anyone & everyone! Thank you for a terrific experience! :)
  • Thanks for a lovely experience, your welcoming friendly and professional environment made it all great. The images were awesome too to take away. Amazing experience to see our little girl. Emma was so kind and just as excited as we were. Thank you so much for welcoming the grandparents as well.
  • Hi there! I was in yesterday for my second ultrasound and was reminded of what a great experience it was! While chatting with you I told you that I'd send along a picture of my first ultrasound with my son as well as his picture at birth! So, here he is! Brayden Barry Wayne! The ultrasound was taken at 26 weeks and he was born September 24, 2007. Thanks for the memories!
    Olivia, Brampton
  • Thank you so much for making our baby 3d photo shoot such a wonderful and relaxing experience. We cannot wait to meet her! We will definitely recommend 3D BabyVision Mississauga to all of our friends .
    Susana, Mississauga
  • What a great experience. This was my second time visiting 3D BabyVision and it was amazing to see the similarities and differences between both our boys! Now we can't wait to meet the new little one - even more. Thanks so very much 3D BabyVision.
    Anette, Oakville
  • Great service, comfortable atmosphere. Emma was lovely, nice bedside manner. This was the most amazing experience! I would recommend this to everyone. TRULY TRULY FANTASTIC!

    Thank you very much!
    Melissa, Oakville
  • I was looking forward to the 3D Ultrasound and I have to say this was worth any cost. It was so wonderful to see the baby move, yawn for us. My husband and I have memories now that we can share with friends and family but most of all the little one when they grow older.
    Ammy, Brandford
  • Simply amazing! Shelley's expertise coming from her years of experience really ensured superior images. It was incredible seeing my first baby and watching him!
    Olivia, Brampton
  • It was an awesome experience. I brought my family with me and we had a very good time looking at my baby. The staff here was so nice and helpful. I am very happy with choosing this place and would recommend it to everyone.
    Roxanna, Burlington
  • What an incredible experience. Your staff was exceptional. It was definitely worth the drive. Layla Isabel was very photogenic! Thanks for the great pictures & video. We will always remember this.
    Oak Ridges, On
  • Our experience was truly amazing and not to mention enjoyable! It's very clear that Shelley and the staff at 3D BabyVision have a passion for what they do. Thanks for making us feel special and not just another number. We are so much more excited after seeing our little one. Thanks so much for the wonderful experience.
    Gabriella, Oakville
  • It was Fantastic! Particularly the staff taking the time to work with us when our little one did not wish to cooperate for the ultrasound. It was a great experience and we will continue to return as long as we have children. Thanks for the great images and for every thing 3D BabyVision.
    Ronie, Ajax
  • We were so lucky to get an appointment today! Everyone was very friendly and it was amazing to see our 4th baby so clearly! It's too bad we didn't get it done for our other 3 children - we'll just have to remember for next time...
    Samira & Marco, Burlington
  • The experience was amazing! Baby wouldn't position right so we had to come back, which made all the difference! The staff is really patient and always trying to get the best images of our baby. You made us so happy! We'll never forget this experience. A big THANK YOU!!
    Zaira, Etobicoke
  • Wonderful experience. Emma [sonographer] was very knowledgeable and polite. She made the whole 3d ultrasound experience more enjoyable and very accommodating. We will definitely be back for our next child.
    Dianne, Toronto
  • We thought it would be a unique experience, but it far exceeded our expectations. What a great moment of bonding. Great staff, an experience we will never forget - Thank you!'
    Jordan Rochester, NY
  • My experience with 3d ultrasound was truly amazing. It went above and beyond what I expected. Thanks to the technician for all her patience and the great pictures of our little one. This was an excellent way for us to meet our new baby.'
  • The entire experience was so comfortable and the staff were just wonderful. They were accommodating and went far and beyond to ensure that I got exactly what I wanted. The images were breathtaking and it was definitely love at first sight. I will cherish the experience forever. Thank you 3D babyvision-Oakville
    Catherine, Milton
  • The experience was amazing! We got to see our little bundle of joy and found out we were having a boy! All of the staff was excellent; the tech went over each part of the ultrasound and showed us the details of each part of the body. I would recommend this experience to anybody
    Lilly, Vaughan
  • We are so grateful to have access to this 3D ultrasound in Oakville . I feel like we have a closer connection to our daughter already in utero now having had this 3D imaging experience. I can't wait to share these images with family and friends!'
    Simon, Oakville
  • Thank you so much for giving us our first "real" look at our little boy! Your kindness and professionalism were second to none.
    Martina, Milton
  • The photos were amazing and the technician was very helpful. Everything was a great experience! You have converted a skeptic! The pictures were better than I could have imagined. Thanks for the excellent experience!
    Alexandra, Bolton
  • Beyond words, a fantastic experience shared with family and friends. A priceless moment for everyone. The staff in Oakville location was very friendly. A wonderful time.
    Betty, Georgetown
  • It was amazing! We really got to see what she is going to look like. Even though she was being silly, there was still amazing shots of her.
    Donna, St. Catherines
  • I really enjoyed my experience at 3D BabyVision. My family attended with me and they enjoyed the experience. I would recommend this to anyone who is pregnant. I couldn't believe how the 3D ultrasound shows so much detail compared to regular 2D ultrasounds.
    Sandeep, Brampton
  • Great experience! Very Comfortable environment. The staff were very welcoming and friendly. Technician thoroughly informative, warm and patient! Thank you for a wonderful 3d ultrasound experience. Big recommendation for sure!
    Tanisha, Mississauga